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STEM Study Group Sessions

STEM Study Group Sessions: Not available in Spring 2024. Information on future format and schedule will be available at a later date. Please, continue to monitor this site.

Study Group Sessions Logistics

  • Study group settings - sessions for supported courses are led by qualified peer-tutors who deliver structured help for previously studied course material. Concepts studied earlier in the course are reviewed and students are provided with the opportunity to solve practical problems.  
  • Registration - One-time registration to participate in the study sessions is required: submit a Registration Form here before your first visit. Additional submissions are not needed for the rest of the semester.
  • Schedule - specific information on supported courses, locations, and session times are listed in the table below.
  • Check-in - Appointments for Study Group Sessions are NOT needed. Check-in at time of arrival to the room is required.


Study Group Sessions Objectives - Students will:

  • Review previously studied material and engage in learning activities that reinforce concept understanding. Work on practice problems.
  • Explore study strategies and time management skills applicable to each discipline.
  • Advance in applying independent thought and active learning techniques in the study process.
  • Acknowledge personal responsibility for their own academic accomplishments.



Day/Time Location Tutors




Phys 8      
Phys 18