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STEM Study Group Sessions

STEM Study Group Sessions - Fall 2023: TBA

Study Group Sessions Logistics

  • Study group settings - sessions for supported courses are led by qualified peer-tutors who deliver structured help for previously studied course material. Concepts studied earlier in the course are reviewed and students are provided with the opportunity to solve practical problems.  
  • Registration - One-time registration to participate in the study sessions is required: submit a Registration Form (TBA) before your first visit. Additional submissions are not needed for the rest of the semester.
  • Schedule - specific information on supported courses, locations, and session times are listed in the table below and on the STEM Tutoring Hub website.
  • Check-in - Appointments for Study Group Sessions are NOT needed. Check-in at time of arrival to the room is required.


Study Group Sessions Objectives - Students will:

  • Review previously studied material and engage in learning activities that reinforce concept understanding. Work on practice problems.
  • Explore study strategies and time management skills applicable to each discipline.
  • Advance in applying independent thought and active learning techniques in the study process.
  • Acknowledge personal responsibility for their own academic accomplishments.


Spring 2023 Schedule

Day/Time Location Tutors
Bio 1/1L   Bio Tutor room, SSB 340  
Bio 2/2L   Bio Tutor room, SSB 340  
Chem 1   Chem Center, SSB 330  

Chem 2

  Chem Center, SSB 330  
CSE 22   CSE Tutor room, SSB 340  
CSE 24   CSE Tutor room, SSB 340  
Math 5   The Math Center, SSB 320  
Math 11  

The Math Center, SSB 320

Math 12   Chem Center, SSB 330  
Math 21   The Math Center, SSB 320  
Math 22   The Math Center, SSB 320  
Math 23   Chem Center, SSB 330  
Phys 9   Physics Tutor room, SSB 340  
Phys 18   Physics Tutor room, SSB 340