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For Faculty

The STEM Center aids campus strategic plans and strengthens academic support through integration of existing and newly formed programs and support of initiatives targeting student learning and enhancing student undergraduate research and extracurricular experiences. The STEM Center provides structured support to faculty in areas directly related to undergraduate education and programming. In a flexible and adaptive to specific projects approach, support to faculty is offered in the manner listed below. The STEM Center continuously advances to meet faculty and student needs: please, contact Petia Gueorguieva, STEM Center Director, should particular details regarding your project are needed.

 - Support and consultations for developing education-related and multidisciplinary research grants proposals. Strategic reviewing of educational component of proposals.

 - Collaborative work with faculty and research centers’ administration on creating and implementing undergraduate research opportunities. Connection between faculty and undergraduate students.

 - Project management support and initiation of partnerships on program elements related to undergraduate research and education.

 - Support for program evaluation and assessment plans. Connection between faculty and institutional evaluation and data services.

 - Detailed information on available outreach opportunities and connection between faculty with community stakeholders.