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The STEM Tutoring Hub - Additional Info

The STEM Center provides assistance to the UC Merced undergraduate students through a variety of services aimed at supporting academics and learning.

Our History

Established in Fall 2013, the STEM Center (formerly, STEM Resource Center) is dedicated to supporting and enhancing STEM education at UC Merced. The Peer Tutor/Mentor Program was established within the STEM Center immediately after its opening with the objective of providing academic assistance to undergraduate students, thus contributing to UC Merced’s goal of increasing undergraduate retention rates in math, science and engineering disciplines. The program was designed to serve the diverse UC Merced undergraduate population by providing continues and comprehensive educational support to any student currently enrolled in a program supported course. In Fall 2021, the program was replced by the larger, more inclusive, STEM Tutoring Hub, which a collaborative intitiative of the STEM Center and the Division of Undergrdauate Education.

Tutoring sessions are discipline-specific and occur at various campus location (see table on the previous page). Help is provided on walk-in basis and no appointments are necessary. Tutoring sessions could be One-on-One or Small Group, based on demand.

Our Tutors

STEM Tutoring Hub peer-tutors are Math, Science and Engineering majors and are selected based on their excellent academic achievements (3.0 and above GPA and at least a B+ in the course they tutor) and strong dedication to the program’s goals. At the beginning of each semester, tutors participate in a mandatory training where tutor guidelines are discussed. Using evidence-based approach, peer-tutors provide clear explanation on studied concepts, assist students with their homework assignments, exam preparation, and lab reports. Please note: our peer-tutors will assist you with your work - but will not do it for you.

How to Become a Tutor

Information and eligibility on how to be come a tutor for the STEM Tutoring Hub can be found here.

STEM Tutoring Hub Goals

  • Provide student-centered academic support for STEM courses in the form of peer tutoring 
  • Engage students in learning activities to enhance their academic knowledge and study skills development
  • Provide information related to resources on campus
  • Encourage students to acknowledge personal responsibility for their own learning and academic accomplishments  
  • Enhance peer tutors professional skills and intellectual development

STEM Tutoring Hub Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for students receiving tutoring and for tutors can be for here.